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10 Quick Questions with Jess Cotton of Plant Powered Press

10 Quick Questions with Jess Cotton of Plant Powered Press

In this 10 quick questions series, we chat with Jess Cotton, a PR specialist who founded Plant Powered Press.


Jess not only runs the agency, but gets to work with amazing Australian vegan brands such as PlantAsia & Made With Plants, along with high-profile advocacy campaigns such as the Million Dollar Vegan project.


We talk to Jess about her vegan journey so far.


1.  I went vegan because…

Once I learned about the impact that animal agriculture has on our health, our planet, and our non-human friends, I simply couldn’t look away. I care about the planet and all the creatures in it, and I understand that my food choices are a powerful way to contribute to a kinder, fairer future.


2.  The vegan documentary/ book everyone needs to see or read is…

The Gamechangers!

I love the way this documentary has captured mainstream attention and has helped us all to think differently about protein, strength, performance, and success. It’s a great doco to start with if you’re curious about the plant-based movement.


3.  My favourite local Vegan Eatery is…

Yavanna in Paddington, Brisbane. I’m fortunate enough to work closely with its co-owner, and I love that the menu offers traditional comfort food with a plant-based twist! I’ve taken so many of my vegan-curious friends to Yavanna, and one couple even decided to sign up for Veganuary after their visit.


4. My favourite international Vegan Eatery is…

Mildred’s in London. The desserts menu is to die for! There’s also a thriving community of vegan eateries in Canggu, Bali, that are well worth a visit.


5.  The person that inspires my vegan journey the most is…

There are a few powerful vegan women in my circle who come to mind immediately – and I’m blessed to have worked alongside many of them for various projects and clients. Naomi Alicia Hallum, the Managing Director of advocacy group Million Dollar Vegan; Catherine Laurence, the Communications Lead at Doctors For Nutrition; and author Katrina Fox continually inspire and motivate me.


6. I started Plant Powered Press in order to…

Help vegan brands grow! At Plant Powered Press, we’re very proud to have worked with some household names in the vegan food and lifestyle categories. We aim to support their continued development and success with well-executed public relations, social media, and content marketing strategies. As a boutique media and PR agency, we’re small but mighty!


7. What has been the most inspiring project you’ve worked on?

It’s my privilege to work with Cale Drouin and the team at Cale & Daughters – the parent company for vegan food brands Made With Plants and Plant Asia. These brands are shaking up the plant-based grocery aisle at Woolworths in a big way, and it’s extremely rewarding to see vegan food being championed by a major Australian grocery store. It’s my pleasure to build and manage a highly engaged social media community that can support and grow both brands! 


8.  I hope in 3 – 5 years that Plant Powered Press is…

The go-to communications agency of choice for brands looking to connect with the vegan market! I trust that we’ll be continuing with our mission to empower ethical brands with intelligent media and PR strategies.


9.  The best thing about being vegan is…

Knowing that the choices you make on a daily basis can help to shape a kinder, fairer world. Aside from marrying my husband, becoming vegan is the best choice I have made in my life, period. Veganism has impacted everything about the way I see and interact with the world, and how I understand my place in it.


10. Finally… What is your ultimate vegan meal and who would you eat it with?

I’d love to invite Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jacinda Ardern to my place for my world-famous vegan lasagne! However, understanding that each of those ladies has a busy schedule, I’d never pass up the chance to eat vegan fried chick’n on the couch with my extraordinary husband and business partner, Sam.


Beautifully answered Jess, we have no doubt that you and Plant Powered Press will continue to grow and contribute to the vegan movement in Australia and abroad, and we thank you for your time and work.

If you would like to find out more about Jess & Plant Powered Press, you can visit the website HERE for more details, or follow their Instagram Page Here too.

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