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10 Quick Questions with Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan

10 Quick Questions with Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan

Perth based vegan musician Katie Wood is best known in the vegan community as Olive Wood Vegan, a name which captures her distinct brand of garden-to-table vegan delicacies and delights.

Katie showcases her amazing garden and lifestyle through her beautiful vegan videos and photos as well as her additional talent which is her musical performances and gigs.

She is a passionate vegan dedicated to showcasing just how decadent and delicious vegan food can be.

Here is what Katie had to say when we spoke to her recently.



1. What is your favourite vegan brand?

Naturli for their butter.


2. Favourite ingredient in the kitchen and why?

Sorry to repeat, but Naturli butter! Because it makes everything I add it to richer, and without it a lot of food would be less satisfying and less easy to replicate traditional things such as adding it to crumble topping allowing it to be very traditional. Or simply on toast with jam, that much better than just jam! 


3. Meal I’m loving / cooking right now: 

My Morrocan rice pilaf. The recipe is coming out in the Winter edition of @nourish mag



4. I love being vegan because:

I love animals so much (words can not express) that the thought of me paying others to murder them for me to eat is the most horrific thought I can conjure.

Knowing that I am not contributing to the mass slaughter of these individuals helps me sleep at night, but it isn’t enough for me, I need to help make the change within others’ lives as well as my own. 


5. My vegan inspirations are:  

Earthing Ed. The way he communicates about it is so intelligent and floorless. I aspire to communicate like him.  


6. If I could eat a vegan meal with anyone in the world I would eat what and with who? 

Probably Earthling Ed so I can convince him to collaborate with me! It is my dream to work together, with him to utilise my work both food and song-wise in his campaigns etc. 


7. Favourite vegan eatery in Australia 

It was Anna Lakshmi in Perth (but they closed recently). They were a traditional Indian eatery and did vegan mango lassi’s. 



8. Favourite vegan eatery around the world?

I don’t know sorry! I haven’t left WA for so long….


9. Number one tip for new vegans 

Watch Dominion. It will help keep you strong and remind you that you are doing the right thing. Also, do your research so that you can answer questions well when people around you test you. 


10. In 5 years I hope Olive Wood Vegan will be….

I want my TV show to be on Telly, my book will be out and I would like to be seen as one of the female leaders in the vegan food movement, so I can help as many people as possible make the change. 


Thank you Katie!

As you can see from the images and answers above, Olive Wood Vegan is a must-follow on social media for the most amazing recipes and ideas. To see more of Katie’s work take a look at her Instagram, Facebook & Web pages.

If you know someone like Katie who you think we should chat with next, be sure to let us know and check out all the previous guests here.





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