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10 Quick Questions with Vince Law of VPets

10 Quick Questions with Vince Law of VPets

In this feature, we chat with the founder of vegan pet food brand VPets, Vince Law about his business and reasons for creating a vegan alternative to traditional pet food varieties.

Be sure to read his full story about the founding of the brand at the link in Question one 🙂



1. What was the inspiration behind vpets?

I started vpets because I was not happy with the amount of vegan pet food options in Australia. (Editor Note: To read the full story visit the vpets story here)


2. Can dogs thrive on a vegan diet?

Yes. Please let me know if you wish to get an explanation why because I have a lot of content related to this on my website.


3. What are some of the key ingredients that make Vpets so good for dogs?

It is not really about a few key ingredients that make vegan pet food good for dogs. It is more about having the right combination of ingredients that provide dogs with all their nutritional needs. We have grain-free, organic and non-organic options for people to choose from depending on their dog’s preferences.



4. What do you say when people question a plant-based diet for pets?

It is about nutrients, not ingredients.


5. How do you see the vegan pet food space evolving over the next 10 years?

I believe there will be more vegan pet food companies starting up and this niche will become more mainstream.


6. Where do you hope to see vpets in 3-5 years?

I plan to sell more vegan pet food brands and have warehouses in Melbourne and Brisbane to make it more efficient to ship to customers in those states.

I used to sell a particular vegan dog food product but they decided to not do vegan dog food anymore and reverted to using some vegetarian ingredients. Therefore, I am cautious of working with companies that produce vegan pet food products as an option instead of only creating vegan pet food products.


7. Could you please share a success story or testimonial?

I have a lot of reviews here. https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/vpets-com-au


8. What advice would you give a pet owner wanting to transition their dog to a plant-based diet?

It has to be done slowly by mixing a tiny portion into their existing food. Some dogs may like it on the first try but others may take a longer time to adjust to it.


9. What are some other vegan brands that inspire you?




Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Vince! It’s awesome to see so many amazing cruelty-free products that are available to our furry friends! Be sure to go and check out all of the vpets products and support this fantastic Australian business.

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