A Vegan Chat With...

A Vegan Chat With…Eating With Max

Max La Manna AKA ‘Eating with Max’ is a zero waste vegan chef who is really making waves with his unique take on minimising wastage.

Max is incredibly passionate and driven to spread the word about zero waste & great vegan food. We recently caught up with him to chat all this sustainable.



How long have you been living a cruelty-free life? 

I started my vegan lifestyle six years ago while I was visiting friends in Hawaii – I just wish it started sooner!

You live with zero waste is this right? What tips do you have for others to do the same?

Zero waste is a philosophy, a mindset to live more sustainably. The goal is for no trash to end up in a landfill.  The best tip and the most important aspect of this zero waste journey is observing our food waste and focusing on composting.  I keep my compost in a bowl in the freezer and bring to the farmer’s market when it gets too full and they bring it back with them to the farm.  Also, a BONUS tip – saying NO to plastic!  Bring your own cup for coffee, say NO to plastic straws, bring your own bag to the store!

What are some of your favourite cruelty-free / vegan brands & businesses? 

Well, to be completely honest I do most of my shopping at the farmer’s market or food cooperatives because there is no packaging involved.  My good friend, Lauren Singer has a zero waste store called; Package Free, that offers brands and products that focus on creating a smaller carbon footprint.  Although, recently I purchased a pair of VEJA sneakers – vegan shoes!



What’s Your favourite dish to cook? What’s your favourite dish to eat? 

GREAT question! My favourite dish to cook would have to be PASTA! Perhaps, a ravioli of some sort.  My favourite dish to eat would have to be something really simple; like a massive green salad – all the works! Kale, spinach, mustard greens, arugula, more greens the best with lemon zest and olive oil – so simple, so delicious!

Whats the biggest hurdle promoting plant-based eating?

The biggest hurdle is listening to others say they can’t live this way.  I love asking questions to those who say they “can’t” because really it’s all in your mind and if you want to change, YOU CAN!

Who are some vegan/ cruelty-free brands or people we should all be following?

Follow and support your local farmer’s! Follow my friends in London at Plant Based News, and of course, follow me too ☺

Where can people find you? 

Come on over to InstagramTwitter or Facebook – @EATINGWITHMAX 

Thanks, Max, also check out a podcast Max did below with Live Planted


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