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5 Reasons to start a Meatless Monday

With the recent news of a particular municipality in Victoria voting for a meatless Monday initiative, the opinions have been flying! Whether you think meatless Monday is something that should be forced onto people or not, what can’t be denied is that it can have some incredible benefits to you and the animals.

Let’s take a look at just a few.

Eating less meat helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Even just giving it a miss for one day a week could be enough to make some big health improvements. Imagine what could happen if you did more than just a Monday!

Change is as good as a holiday (for your body).

Even just one day per week without meat could improve health, why not see it as a chance to cook something new and experiment with a new recipe or two! Perhaps one from our RECIPE SECTION!

Save an animal.

Going without animal flesh even for one day per week can help save animal lives! Just think over an entire year how many animal lives you could save! If we all went meat-free on Monday’s the world for animals would be a much better place.

Reduce your effect on the environment & climate.

Yep, reducing your meat intake can help reduce environmental damage. A recent study by a little ol’ organisation called the UN cited our current eating habits as highly problematic for the environment and went on to state that reducing meat intake can improve environmental outcomes.

New Week, New You!

Why not use a fresh start to make a fresh start. By starting meat-free on Monday, you may find it’s so easy you ‘go again’ on Tuesday. Like with all things, as you achieve a goal (no meat on Monday) the sense of satisfaction may encourage you to keep feeling great every day!

What is your reason for a meatless Monday?


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