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5 of the best Vegan Food Swaps for new vegans

5 of the best Vegan Food Swaps for new vegans

So one of the most common things that non-vegans think about vegans is that they just eat lettuce and tofu. Whilst we love a little lettuce and tofu, we now have such a wide range of vegan alternatives available to us that there is almost nothing a vegan can’t have!

We thought we would take a look at a couple of classic swaps that you can do to replicate some of your old favourites. Imagine being able to enjoy a classic lasagna knowing no lives were harmed in its creation. This is the vegan landscape in 2019.

1. Beef Lasagna to Vegan Lasagna.

A new product to recently hit the market is the Vegan Lasagna by Coles Natures Kitchen. Whilst it’s called a vegetarian lasagna, it’s actually certified vegan on the packet. The product is absolutely delicious and is an easy replacement for the beef version. For those like us who love lasagna, get your hands on one of these tonight.

2. Scrambled Eggs to Tofu Scramble.

An easy swap for the classic scrambled eggs is a homemade tofu scramble. We have a delicious recipe from Plant Some Peas for a do-it-yourself Tofu Scramble. Check it out HERE.

3. Vanilla ‘dairy’ Ice Cream to Vanilla Bean Icecream by Pana.

Who doesn’t like a little ice cream every now and then? Many people fear that a vegan diet that no longer contains cows milk will deprive them of their beloved ice cream, don’t worry it really really won’t. There are now so many incredible options for vegan alternatives that it’s hard to pick just one. Pana Vanilla Bean was our choice in this instance. Their whole range is delicious including salted caramel, toffee pecan & double choc.

4. Spag Bol to Vegan Spag Bol

Yep, the vegans can have their spag bol too. Thanks to a flood of new plant-based alternatives to traditional meat, vegan’s can now indulge in the classic spag bol or any other mince or beef based meal. For this, we recommend the Funky Fields Mince, which is available at Woolworths. It tastes just like beef mince but without the animal harm. Go hard with this one.

5. Strong Latte to Strong Soy Latte.

Your morning coffee game is safe too. If you are a latte or cappuccino drinker you can now easily swap to one of the amazing soy-based kinds of milk on the market today. Milk Lab & Bonsoy are some of our personal favourites but there are many on the market that offer a great taste with your morning brew!

Do you have a vegan swap worth doing? If so we would love to hear from you, suggest in the comments below or drop us an email at today!

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