5 Vegan Shoe Alternatives

When thinking about veganism, many people presume that what you eat is the extent of the lifestyle.

Whilst what we eat is a huge part of the equation, there are so many other areas where as a vegan we can make a difference to the animals.

We thought we would take a look at some vegan options for when it comes to what we wear on our feet. Many companies use leather (a cows flesh) and wool ( The coat of a sheep) to produce their footwear. As vegans we want to avoid any animal products in what we use and consume and so here are a few alternatives to look out for.


1. Dr. Martins (Doc Martins)







The classic ‘big stomper’ now provides a number of vegan alternatives to their heavily leather range. In 2019 their profits have risen 70% from the previous year thanks to the success of their vegan range!


2. Birkenstock’s

Vegan synthetic leather is being used by German brand Birkenstock to replicate their classic leather sandal for the vegan market.


3. UGG Boot alternative – PawJ 

PawJ is from California and makes a whole host of alternatives to wool and fur products. Pictured above is their vegan solution to UGG Boots.



4. Tom’s Shoes

Toms Shoes, the classic slip-on shoe that gives back to less fortunate children in the 3rd world through its ‘pair for a pair’ initiative also has a vegan version.



5. Etiko – Alternative to your Converse Kicks

Etiko’s slogan is ‘Wear No Evil’ and they certainly are good! The brand is focussed on ethical and sustainable practises from start to finish and of course, they are 100% vegan, Fairtrade & BCorp certified.

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