7 Veggie Burger and Wine Pairings

7 Veggie Burger and Wine Pairings

7 Veggie Burger and Wine Pairings.

You know the feeling. It’s been a week. There’s nothing you’re looking forward to more than a hearty and juicy meal to refuel. What could be better than a tasty perfectly grilled burger?

We’ve listed our favourite veggie burger options and paired them with some of our tastiest mindful wines. What’s your favourite combo?

Beyond Burger with Shiraz

Whether you are a plant-based flexitarian or a carnivore the Beyond Burger and its fellows, like the Impossible Burger, scratch that itch of a traditional mincemeat patty. It retains the colour, texture, smell, and sizzle of a hamburger to create a complete olfactory illusion that you are eating the real thing. To match the heartiness of this faux-meat burger, we recommend a full-bodied Shiraz with lots of red fruit flavour supported by supple tannins that will stand up to the “meatiness” of the burger.
Wine recommendation: Farm Hand Organic Shiraz 2018

Black Bean Burger and Red Blend

A classic veggie option, the black bean burger contains a good amount of protein and fibre to provide a filling and delicious meal. As the black bean burger has typical earthy notes a great match with a juicy red blend brimming with red fruit flavours but with enough tannic structure to stand up to the burger’s heartiness.
Wine recommendation: Fedele Organic Rosso 2018

Mushroom Burger and Pinot Noir

For the veggos who love to dig into a juicy portobello mushroom burger, Pinot Noir is the perfect wine pairing. Pinot Noir is lighter in body than other red wines and has subtle tannins and acidity that will complement the juicy mushroom burger. It’s a match made in heaven.
Wine Recommendation: Fromm La Strada Organic Pinot Noir 2016

Chickpea Burger and Rosé

Who doesn’t love a chickpea burger? Especially one that is flavoured with curry and spice! The best pairing with that kind of veggie burger is a chilled glass of Rosé. With its delicate acidity and fresh fruit flavours, it will cut through the spicey notes while complementing the flavours for the ultimate burger and wine combo.
Wine recommendation: Force of Nature Organic Rosé 2018

Veggie Pattie and Riesling

Not technically a burger, but a typical vegetarian “burger” option is the vegetable patty. A mix of grains and root veggies, this is a classic option of vegetarians, vegans, or those looking for something a little lighter. A nice pairing for this lighter burger would be a Riesling. The characteristic apple and lemon notes will complement the flavours of the burger while adding more texture and body.
Wine recommendation: Mount Horrocks Organic Riesling 2018

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