A go to guide for answering the same vegan questions

When you make the decision to go vegan you will find the first noticeable result is that you will be asked a plethora of new questions from anyone within an earshot.  When people find out you are vegan they very often become experts in anthropology, nutrition, and philosophy and will be expecting you to field their questions and concerns about your own lifestyle. Whilst this questioning may vary depending on who you inform, it is a tried and true part of the journey, so we thought we should equip you with the ammunition to answer all of their concerns.

Because let’s be honest, you are not the only one being asked how you get your protein, why you don’t have dairy or being told that humans are meant to eat animals.

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and answers we have put together from some well-known animal advocates. Hopefully, this guide helps build your knowledge, prepare your answers & help make it easier for those on the spot discussions.

Feel free to add in the comment section any other questions you get asked.

Are we meant to eat meat?

Watch Earthling Ed’s response to humans being Omnivores

Read Peta’s article on whether humans are meant to eat meat (warning, you may be exposed to graphic imagery!)

Is being vegan expensive?

Read via Vegan Australia
Read- Darshana Thacker’s $1.50 a day challenge.
Watch Earthling Ed

Do you think you’re making a difference?

Read Joe Loria – Does going vegan actually make a difference?
Read about the effect eating vegan has on the animals, planet and wildlife.
Read this article via Veganuary – helpful resource to take the pledge to try vegan during Jan or convince a friend! A good way to start and encourage others.
Watch Earthling Ed – One person can’t make a difference.

Where do you get your protein?

Read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. An amazing book on the protein myth.


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