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Gemma Mullins is the Plant Based PT

Gemma Mullins is the Plant Based PT

In this interview, we chat to the ‘Plant Based PT’ Gemma Mullins about her transition to a plant-based diet and why it’s great for both your health & the animals!

You are a plant-based advocate, how long have you advocated for and how did it all start for you?

August 2015 my partner Sasha (a former heavy meat eater) came back from a holiday staying with a vegan who prepared him food/introduced him to this lifestyle. He suggested we try eating this way for a month and 2 weeks in we both agreed we didn’t want to go back. We both felt better, looked better, enjoyed the food and felt it aligned with our ethics once we made the connection between loving animals but also eating them. After adopting this lifestyle, I wanted to share with others all that I had learned!

That’s fantastic, what a great transition! So what exactly then does living consciously mean to you? How would you define it?

Reducing harm where possible. Making changes to our day to day life that reduce the impact we are having on animals (and the environment). There is so much we can do and it can seem overwhelming as we are often creatures of habit. I would focus on making gradual changes and switching out things we do such as take away coffee cups for reusable cups and BYO grocery bags instead of single use. This year I want to focus more on the clothing purchases I make and purchasing foods in bulk without plastic.

What are some cruelty-free and conscious brands or products you support locally?

Etiko – ethical fashion brand, making fair, organic and affordable clothing
Ahimsa Collective – coming soon, ethical, sustainable and cruelty-free fashion.

How can people begin to live more consciously, any advice on first steps or strategies?

Educating yourself on the impact of our decisions. Watching vegan documentaries would open your eyes to how the food we are eating ends up on our plate and often this is enough to evoke change (with your diet). Watching things like the ‘War on Waste’ to better understand how much waste we produce to give you more of a reason to want to change your current habits. Everybody is different when it comes to change. Some like to go all in and adopt a new lifestyle, while others prefer to make gradual changes, for example, a meat-free Monday or eating more plant-based meals initially. For me, with the diet side of things, I just went all in and learnt things along the way. With the environmental side of things, I have made gradual changes such as buying all my work uniform from an ethical brand (Etiko), avoiding single-use coffee cups. The best thing to do is to make a plan and reach out to others for support (such as Facebook groups with people who can relate).

Great tips! Ok here are a few quick questions for you:

Favorite local (plant-based) eatery?

Smith & Deli is my all time favorite and the sandwiches are amazing!

The best gift you ever received?

A vegan wallet for Christmas from the Cruelty-free shop (people always compliment it and I love explaining it’s non-leather as it looks like leather and is a similar quality, so it really supports the case of not needing to purchase leather)

Who should we interview next & why?

Ahimsa Collective (New Pinatex handbag range coming soon which is locally made, ethical and sustainable – yipee)

Where can people find you?


Thank you for sharing Gemma!
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