A Vegan Chat with Jakd Fitness

We were thrilled to chat with JD (jdsfitlife) & Amy-Kate (amykatefit) of Jakd Fitness who are online vegan fitness coaches, based on the Gold Coast.

Both are incredibly passionate about showing (rather than telling) what a healthy vegan lifestyle can look like.

We also find out how they broke through old thinking and are now living their best vegan lives!



How did each of your vegan journey’s begin?


What started as a journey to improving my health quickly turned into finding out a lot more than I ever had expected. Veganism has led me to find my passion and has completely changed my outlook on life. We all grow up thinking and being taught to live our lives ONE way…

But it’s not until we challenge ourselves and find our own path that we begin to truly find out who we are and why we were put on this planet.

Veganism has helped shape my life in my twenties and has opened my eyes in so many ways. I have learned to make the connection of what is on my plate. Now that I am vegan, I am advocating for these beings – I now want to educate and inspire as many people as I can to make the connection too.


I was the complete opposite of a vegan. As a tradesman, I would eat a whole chicken and pasta salad for lunch and then for dinner I would have my 1kg of steak with NO veggies. I would mindlessly eat every type of animal product without even making the connection of what was on my plate.

I was completely unaware of the impact I was inflicting on my health, the environment and most importantly, the animals.

It wasn’t until I decided to try going vegetarian for a month that I felt major results in my health became more aware of the injustice of animals. After being vegetarian for two years, I watched a documentary called ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ and from the 10th of June 2014, I decided I couldn’t be anything but vegan, and I have never felt better – my only regret with going vegan was not doing it sooner!

Despite the constant criticism from friends and family, I know deep down that I’m doing the right thing for the animals, the environment and my health. I truly believe there is no need to enslave and torture innocent beings for the sake of our taste buds. I continue to educate myself on all aspects of veganism to be a voice for the voiceless. My wife Amy and I then decided the best way to do this was through our YouTube channel. Our mission is to break the vegan stereotype. Our aim is to motivate and inspire people to transition into veganism by showing just how easy it is.


How did you start working together?
Tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly!

We have always been a team and love putting our heads together and coming up with ideas on how we can help people all around the world build a healthy relationship with their minds, bodies the animals and environment.

We love being able to bounce off one another and two heads are always better than one right?

But sure there are times where working together and living together can get tough. But we always make sure to have a healthy work/life balance.

A question non-vegans often ask is can you be 100% healthy on a vegan diet, thoughts?

Actions speak louder than words. Sadly we live in a very superficial world so this is why we chose to convey our message through the health and fitness industry. We believe by showing people that you can be fit, healthy and strong being vegan that this is the best way we can convert people over to this lifestyle.

What are some great foods or supplements to maintain vegan fitness?

We are big believers in supplementing with B12, vitamin C and a good quality probiotic for maintaining a healthy gut and immune system.

We also love to add in a Vegan protein powder daily to help keep up our protein for making those vegainz.

What are your favourite cheat meals?

Burgers, pizza, vegan doughnuts, pancakes, ice cream, acai (probably our favourite!!) Pretty much anything vegan and a bit naughty lol.

Who are other vegans that inspire your journeys?

Naturally Stephanie,  Maddie Lymburner, Plant proof, Frank Medrano

Best vegan cafe or eatery in Queensland?

Our current favourite at the moment would have to be ‘cardamom Pod’ In Broadbeach. Their breakfast menu is next level!!

What does the next 3 – 5 years look like for Jakd Fitness?

We are about to launch our next online coaching program where we are coming back bigger and better than ever before. We have invested more time, energy and money into building the best Vegan online programs out there. We now have our very own APP where our clients can have easy access to their meal plans, training plans, shopping list and one on one messaging to us.

Our plan is to BREAK the vegan Stereotype and prove vegans can build lean muscle, be fit and healthy and that this lifestyle is sustainable.

Who should we interview next?


Thank you so much sharing guys, it really sounds like you are achieving your goal to break the stereotype and show what ‘happy & healthy’ vegans can look like. We really appreciate your time. If you would like to find out more about Amy-Kate & JD as well as their programs & training, visit them HERE for more information.


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