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A little about us. We want to show just how easy going vegan is, by providing up to date news, information, recipes, and features on some of the incredible vegan and plant-based people here in Australia. With so many incredible vegans and plant-based advocates out there, we believe that by sharing their stories we can help drive change and show just how good ‘vegan’ can be.

We started our journey like many of you will be doing, knowing little to nothing about what the word vegan meant. Through self-education and baby steps we explored deeper and deeper, discovering that this ‘fringe’ lifestyle had so many incredible benefits. Benefits to health, the environment and most importantly, the animals that we had always loved so dearly but that we had not truly made the connection with in terms of what we ate, wore and supported.

By going down the rabbit hole we discovered activists, advocates, books, documentaries and so much information that seemed like it should be public knowledge. When we realised how much information wasn’t public knowledge we realised what we wanted (and needed) to do, and that was to bring to light these facts and these people doing incredible things.

Let’s Go Vegan! is now the culmination of our journey and the journey of so many who have realised the benefits of living a vegan life.

We hope you will join us and become a part of the vegan story here in Australia.


‘We want to make going vegan, easy and enjoyable for everyone’