Adidas launch new range made from recycled plastic material.

A new Adidas campaign and range has launched using recycled plastic.

The brand has launched the new Play For The Ocean Ad campaign just in time for the Australian tennis summer. What is fantastic about this is that Adidas is a huge company that not only has a huge influence, but also huge reach. We think these types of campaigns and products are just the beginning and it’s exciting to see.  In the campaign, they talk about the plastic problem and our collective responsibility to change it. This is something I don’t think you would have seen 5 – 10 years ago from a company of this size.

We also saw this year The North Face run a similar campaign using a synthetic down (traditionally goose feather) instead of the usual down in their jacket range. These kinds of initiatives show just how much progress is being made to open up a more transparent supply chain.

Now don’t get us wrong, there is still a long way for these big companies to go, but seeing these types of campaigns that allow the masses to think about the process of production is a positive step in the right direction. If Adidas can lead the way, let’s hope the rest of the big brands can follow!


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