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As a media platform and content source, we are always looking for new products, eateries, individuals & campaigns to talk about and promote. To enable us to be able to do this from time to time we will offer paid/promoted partner content and reviews.

In the section below we want to clearly outline our philosophy and procedures as well as our strict review policy. If your question or query isn’t answered below, please get in contact with us at any time to discuss further.
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Product Reviews


We have a strict review policy for all products on the Let’s Go Vegan’s website and supporting social media pages.

We will only post a review if at least two team members agree that a product or service meets our review standard and is excellent in their honest opinions.

We will never publish (or take payment) for a review we do not 100% endorse. If we are sent a product to review that we believe does not meet the criteria we will not publish or endorse this product or receive payment for it under any circumstance.

We are however a team of passionate vegans who are keen to try and review all types of vegan products and services and want to encourage all brands out in the market.


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We work with partners to create native advertising campaigns that do not stand alone from our content, but that integrates within our content. This means is that if you advertise with Let’s Go Vegan! you will see your product, service, or brand involved in articles, posts, stories & EDM’s.


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