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Convincing parents to let you go vegan by Lose your Veganity

Convincing parents to let you go vegan.

For adults, it’s a decision that’s up to us. The decision to take animals off our plate is something we get to decide each and ever day, a decision that through far more food options should be getting easier and easier for people to make.

But whilst we get to decide what we put on our plate and in our mouths our children are far more dependent on the adults to help make those important decisions. So what happens when kids make the decision that they want to go vegan? Especially when they don’t have the full support of their parents?

This video by LYV will help to assist in the task of convincing the parents to let you eat vegan.

Did you enjoy the content from Nisha Balsara? Here’s a little more about her and what you can find on her Youtube channel:

“I started this channel as a way of bringing about awareness to the health, delicious food, and the ethics of eating meat, eggs, and dairy, all while creating a positive safe space for vegans and non vegans to ask questions, get answers, and interact with other like minded people.

I try my best to answer the questions in the comments and really be a supportive voice for you on your journey to eating more healthily and ethically, no matter what place your are in that journey!”

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