Dominos Vegan Cheese introduction to Australia & reviews

Dominos Vegan Cheese Pizza is here.

Earlier this year pizza chain Dominos released vegan cheese and vegan garlic bread to the delight of vegans around the country. We thought now that the smoke has settled on the excitement of the launch we would take a look at some of the reviews for the offering. We scoured the net to find reviews within the last few months and very pleasingly it was well-received, even from nonvegans. This is a great sign and another reason we are getting behind large chains offering a vegan option to the public.

Dominos currently has 5 vegan pizzas on their menu as well as a loaf of cheesy vegan garlic bread.

We would love to get your thoughts on the range, so if you have an opinion review, feedback about their range, or just something to say, leave it in the comments or email us anytime.

Catherine Yu’s review from NZ

Review from 3:30 into the video below:


James Mullen


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