Hello Friend Foods make epic vegan cheese

Hello Friend Foods make epic vegan cheese

A Revolution in Plant-Based Cheese is how the team from Hello Friend Foods describes their amazing vegan cheese product.

For so many people contemplating a lifestyle change towards veganism, a big inhibitor to moving towards a vegan or plant-based lifestyle is the giving up of cheese, and we totally get that! So in 2020, it is incredible to see the vast array of new and delicious options available to the vegan/plant-based consumer. One of those options is Hello Friend.

Hello Friend was founded by Bree Gaudette & Matthew Ronalds. The pair who originally met when Matthew was Bree’s driver (when he was working for rideshare company Uber), clicked as friends and eventually realised they would make great partners in a vegan cheese making venture 🙂

Bree says of the partnerships early days:

I would manage our social media and customer relations, and Matthew would use his skills in spreadsheets and systems to figure out how to create the back end and maintain the business.


Fast forward a few years and now everything they now make is handmade, free from lactose and palm oil. The team also doesn’t use any gluten or nuts in the products, which sets them apart from other vegan nut-based cheeses. The brand, the products, and the founders are all 100% vegan but say (as the name suggests) they are open to all and encourage everyone to try the product regardless of what they normally eat. 

In the team’s video Bree quotes:

“You should not have to sacrifice ANYTHING to eat kindly”

We love this statement and it’s very aligned with what we do here at Let’s Go Vegan!

So what’s on the horizon for Hello Friends?


Well, the Hello Friend Foods team has now joined Birchal, an online platform that allows everyday people to invest in the companies they love. Hello Friend has already raised over $400,00o (at the time of publishing) to expand their offering and take plant-based cheese to the world. But don’t take our word for it, check out their fantastic video below for all the details.



We love this brand and wish them all the best with the fundraising and business in general! To see more go to their Birchal Page Here.

NOTE: There is also a number of financial disclaimers you need to read before any kind of investing so please be sure to consult a professional before making any final decisions (standard practice).

Good luck to the Hello Friend Team!
Keep making amazing vegan cheese for all 🙂

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