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How do you give up cheese?

How do you give up cheese?

How do you give up cheese?

This is one of the questions that all vegans are either asked about by a nonvegan at some point.
How can you give up cheese?! 


This is an absolutely valid question, for most of us who haven’t grown up on a vegan diet, we have enjoyed the wonders of cheese for years. Not only have we grown fond of the taste, texture, and flavor but we have also associated cheese with all the good things in life such as wine & parties. So how do we now change our outlook and look at a vegan-friendly option? Well, we think its actually a lot easier than you may believe. With so many brands and businesses now catering to the vegan lifestyle, there are a number of cheese alternatives on the market. We thought we would take a look at just a few of these to see if you really can transition to vegan cheese.


Bio Cheese
Offering a range of cheeses such as feta, cheddar, sliced and shredded, this brand is widely available and a great alternative to traditional cheeses.


Daiya Cheeses
For mac n cheese or perhaps a homemade pizza, Daiya is the choice for this vegan cheese alternative.  Easy to melt and very versatile, this one is a great choice!



You cannot go past their cream cheese and their sour cream. For bagels, the cream cheese is absolutely perfect and the sour cream makes chips or tacos a delight. Do yourself a favor and go and get some of this! (They can run low at some stockists so you may have to call around the local health food type stores for this one).



Vegusto ‘No-Moo Piquant Cheese’

This one has been around for a while and has received rave reviews on its cheesy taste and texture. Definitely worth giving a go for that next cheese hit!



Botanical Cuisine

This one is made in Collingwood, Melbourne (VIC) and is amazing! They do a whole range of cheese and dips that have so much flavour and variety. Another highly recommended vegan cheese to try!


Hello Friend
Fed up with not being able to find what she wanted, founder Bree set out to create her own vegan cheese that actually tasted like real cheese! Well, she and the team have done it, with an ever-expanding range, Hello Friend is fab!






Made With Plants
Stocked at your local Woolies these guys have a great range of all things vegan. They “are on a mission to make it easier for everyday Australians to enjoy plant-based food that tastes great and is readily accessible!” Their range consists not only a great range of cheeses (parmesan, mozzarella  cheese blocks & spreads) but also alternative meats, flavoured tofu and a delicious selection of sauces. 


What’s your favourite cheese and why? Let us know in the comments section.



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