Is wine vegan? 

Is wine vegan? 

Is wine vegan?

A question often asked over dinner, drinks or anytime the red is being poured. The good news for vegans is that many modern wines are in fact vegan, as modern producers find innovative ways to produce their products.

With some of the older wines and production methods, the wine may not be vegan. The reason for this is that some wine is produced using fish guts. Yes, fish guts can be used to filter the wine in the production and is a process that has been used for years. The difficult thing about this issue is that it is not often labeled on the bottle packaging and so it can be hard to know what bottles are or aren’t vegan.

To be safe, look for bottles that explicitly state that they are vegan-friendly to ensure the wine is 100% vegan.

A company we recently came across that is helping Australian’s decipher this is Vineful. Marketed a ‘mindful wine service’ Vineful scour Australia and the world to select ethical and conscious focussed wines (win!).  The company focus on vegan-friendly, organic and preservative free wines, and even deliver in eco-friendly packages.

When asked about why this is a focus, co-founder Amy Miller stated that “we believe enjoying a great bottle of wine is made even greater when it’s produced with the environment and your conscious lifestyle needs in mind,”. Whether you are after quality organic wines, are sensitive to preservatives, live a vegan lifestyle or are a passionate supporter of biodynamic farming practices, Vineful makes finding these mindful wines easy,” Amy explained.

So next time you are at the local bottle shop or shopping online, remember to seek out ‘ vegan-friendly’ wine and alcohol. If you’re a lazy shopper Vineful do a monthly delivery, making it easier than ever to shop and drink your values!



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