James Aspey chats about the barriers to veganism

James Aspey chats about the barriers to veganism.

James Aspey is an animal rights activist, personal trainer and all-round legend!

Here at Let’s Go Vegan, we are big fans of James and all of the amazing work he does for the animals.

James started his vegan journey when he was informed by a former client of his that he didn’t need meat in order to be healthy. As a personal trainer and health professional that had always recommended meat-eating for optimal nutrition and muscle-building, this was a revelation. James was skeptical and began to explore the origins of the meat myth. He found not only do you not need to eat meat but in fact that you can survive and thrive on a whole food plant-based diet (WFBP Diet).

Armed with this knowledge and also the scare of cancer (A whole other part of James’ story) James went on a journey to learn more about the animal agricultural industry. James embarked on a 12-month journey of complete silence. He traveled around the country meeting people and spreading his compassionate message, without using words but with action.

If you haven’t seen any of this journey we encourage you to go and take a look at it via his website here.

In this video

In the latest video of James below, James puts up some fantastic points about veganism and the potential barriers that people face. The host poses that veganism is often thought of as being expensive but James answers this with a list of some of the cheapest ingredients available. He lists ingredients such as rice, pasta, beans, potato, oats, and claims that you could actually save money by going vegan.


Some of the cheapest things in the supermarket are vegan like rice, pasta, beans, potato, oats.
– James Aspey.


He also points out just a few of the benefits of the vegan lifestyle including:

  • Helping animals
  • Helping reduce environmental destruction
  • Help people feel, live and sleep better
  • Reduce nutritional deficiencies
  • Increase the length of our lifeTake a look at this great interview below.

To read more articles on the work of James Aspey, see our dedicated page here.


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