Melbourne Vegan Tours Review.

Melbourne Vegan Tours Review.

As local Melbournians here at LGV we were thrilled to road test the Melbourne Vegan Tour. Not only was the food amazing, but the hosts went above and beyond the ensure we all got a vegan education throughout the day.

Arriving at the amazing Cruelty-Free Store (which boasts over 1500 vegan products) just before one o’clock, we are greeted by the smiling faces of Dan & Jess the owners and operators of Melbourne Vegan Tours. After introducing themselves to us and the other guests, both of them offer up an assortment of local Melbourne made vegan cheeses on crackers and we begin to chat and mingle with the other guests.

From the very outset, they are warm, welcoming and eager to show off their hometown’s incredible selection of vegan products, hotspots, and landmarks. After introductions, we set off on foot towards Brunswick St Fitzroy where we visit our first stop Fina’s Vegetariam Cafe 2 . Fina’s is a family run restaurant and the daughter of the family-run venue talks us through the menu specifically selected for the tour and a little about the venue. The food is great, really fresh and the perfect starter for the day.

After eating, chatting with new friends and talking all things vegan, its time to walk down to our next stop which is VeganStyle, a very well stocked vegan only clothing store specialising in shoes & bags amongst other fashion items. The man showing us around was extremely knowledgeable and we were all impressed with the extensive selection of quality vegan brands on offer. There was even a bag made from apple leather! How good is that?!

After browsing and some shopping, we set off again down the road towards our next stop. Dan sneakily popped into the local Lord Of The Fries to grab some popcorn chicken which we all devoured in next to no time as we walked the Fitzroy streets, stopping to check out the local street art and nearby cafes.

After a quick explanation of the history of Melbourne street art, we visited another great shop called BeeKeeper Parade. This was a beautiful store with a wonderful story. The brand and store were started by a man from Cambodia who tragically lost his sister to cancer. To keep her legacy alive he founded the brand, that uses old discarded materials to create backpacks, pencil cases, and other items all with completely unique designs, patterns, and colours. The products were so creative and vibrant and you really got a fantastic feel for this inspiring brand.

After browsing around the store it was time for more food, enter Tahina!

Just down the road, Tahina is an Israeli vegan restaurant with the best selection of falafel, salads & Israeli fare. The food here was amazing! So fresh, crispy and down right delicious. We chatted, eat and drank here and personally this was our favourite of the eateries. After a nice amount of time eating and drinking it was obviously time for more food! This time, dessert. We ventured down Brunswick St again to the ice-cream shop owned by longtime Melbourne vegan institution Veggie Bar, called Girls & Boys. Everyone here managed to find some extra room to sample one of their incredible vegan ice creams!

We sat and eat the ice creams as Dan and Jess continued to talk about the places and people who were making Melbourne such a fantastic vegan city. This was something they did throughout the afternoon and they were so engaging and knowledgeable, making for a fantastic experience.

After the ice creams were downed in record time it was time to start wrapping up the tour. Dan & Jess thanked us all for coming and fielded any last questions from the group. We also all left with a Melbourne Vegan Tours tote bag filled with information, stickers and other goodies.

Our thoughts?

A fantastic way to spend an afternoon, learning about Melbourne and eating amazing vegan food! What else could you ask for?

So if you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, or perhaps are a new or curious vegan this is the tour you need to do! We did the Fitzroy version of the tour but you may also like to try St Kilda, The CBD  or even their new Mornington Peninsula tour as well.

We couldn’t say a bad word about these once ‘reluctant vegans’ in Dan & Jess.

Want to go on tour?

If you want to try it for yourself, the team have even given us a special offer for you all to use before the 30th of June 2019.

Use the code: LGVAUS for a discount on your tour!

Visit them HERE.

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