Plantasy Foods launch ‘The Good Soup Range’ 

Plantasy Foods launch ‘The Good Soup Range’ 

Plantasy Foods The Good Soup Range


The team from Plantasy Foods have just launched a brand new range of soups into the plant-based and gluten-free market. The team, who are also responsible for the delicious Mac n Cheez and the Cheez Sprinkles range are former chefs and self-admitted ‘foodies’. They are passionate about delivering delicious tasty food without the added nasties!

Their philosophy is simple:

“Just eat real food. To us, that means minimally processed whole foods. So that’s all that goes in to our products. No gums, flavours, colours or nasty ingredients make the cut. We only make products that we are happy to feed our own children.”

We certainly can’t argue with that philosophy! With their new range of soups, the company wants to bring real ingredients and fewer preservatives as well as having an amazing taste to boot!

The new range of soups are all 100% vegan and allergen-friendly.

In the new range, you will find the following flavours:

  • Creamy Tomato with basil 
  • Cock-A- Leekie 
  • Wild Mushroom 
  • Laksa with Kaffir Lime and Coconut 
  • Dahl with Turmeric and Lentils 
  • Cheezy Broccoli 
  • Beetroot and Pomegranate 

The View News recently interviewed Monica Topliss the co-founder of the company about the business she started as well as the products that have become popular staples both here in Australia and overseas.

Take a look at all the fantastic plant-based and gluten-free products they have lovingly created.

Plantasy Foods The Good Soup Range will be available from health food stores, selected independent supermarkets, and direct via their website.

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