Seasonal food & wine pairings in autumn from VINEFUL WINES

It’s officially autumn which means a whole host of fruits and vegetables are now in season. However, with more and more people stocking up in the shops for….reasons, we thought we’d provide our favourite autumn dishes made with seasonal produce and staples from your pantry – with a mindful wine pairing of course!

Coconut Dahl & Chardonnay

Want something that is incredibly filling, high in fibre, high in protein and packed with flavour? We love this recipe from Running On Real Food that includes ingredients that you’ll likely have in your cupboard right now like lentils, curry powder and coconut milk. What’s great about this recipe is not only that it’s quick and easy, you can easily double it and have extra portions to freeze for future din-dins.

We’d match this comforting dish with a glass of Penley Estate Genevieve Chardonnay. This vegan friendly wine shows grapefruit acidity on the palate with wonderful citrus spice and ginger. A perfect pairing with the creamy dahl.

Thai Green Curry & Pinot Gris

Let’s add a little spice to your March meal medley with a fresh and zesty Thai Green Curry like this one from Lazy Cat Kitchen with seasonal broccoli, eggplant and squash. You could even add a little more fibre and flavour with a bunch of seasonal Asian greens. Another great meal prepping option, make ahead and freeze for later! 

We’d pair this Thai Green Curry with a white wine like Pure Vision Organic Pinot Gris a beautiful, flavoursome organic wine that has been produced sustainably, allowing the purity and integrity of our fruit to burst through. Offering a succulent textural palate of nashi pear and white peach together with a lengthy mineral acidity that will complement the moreish dahl nicely.

Veggie Lasagna & Shiraz

With so many root veggies in season right now you can’t not think about lasagna! Whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian, or plant-based, we love the sound of this recipe from Cookie & Kate. All of the flavours but none of the meat. Plus, you probably have all the ingredients (or adequate substitutes) in your pantry or fridge. 

Top tip, lasagna is always better the next day. Always. Make ahead and treat yourself to a good portion of lasagna paired with a delicious red wine like Speak No Evil Organic Shiraz. Organic and vegan-friendly with soft and seductive tannins that help shape the wine with subtle mineral and spice milk chocolate nuance and fine acidity. We’re salivating already.

Mexican Bean Chilli & Tempranillo

Classic party, I mean pantry meal. Who doesn’t have cans of beans and tins of tomatoes gathering dust on the top shelves right now? Nice straight forward recipe from Jamie Oliver packed with beans, seasonal capsicums, and chillies! He recommends serving it with rice or tortilla chips. No time to head out to get some? Take a couple of tortilla wraps cut into triangles or strips. Drizzle in olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Toss to coat and cook in an oven until golden (5mins at 180° but keep an eye on it). Easy way to add a little crunch!

Pile some fresh guac (avocado also in season!) on top and serve with a savoury red like Mil Historias organic and vegan friendly Tempranillo. A well balanced and lightly oaked juicy Spanish Tempranillo brimming with red fruits and jams. 

Want to discover more mindful wine and food pairings?

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This article was lovingly contributed by VINEFUL WINES, who supply Organic, biodynamic, preservative free, and vegan friendly wines around Australia.


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