Simon Hills reflections during isolation in episode 100

Simon Hills reflections during isolation in episode 100.

We are big fans of Simon Hill’s Plant Proof Podcast and his 100th episode is no exception. Over the course of the first 100 episodes Simon has spoken with absolute legends of the game including Rich Roll, John Joseph, Nimah Delgado, Rip Esselstyn, Dr Neal Barnard, James Aspey & Carly Taylor, Torre Washington & so many more!

In Episode 100 Simon sits down with Drew Harrisberg to talk about the first 100 episodes of his show and broadly speaking some of the most important learnings that he’s taken away, particularly on human and planetary health.

The episode also delves into the current circumstances that we all find ourselves in and reflect on our personal experiences and learnings thus far.

To see more of Plant Proof’s podcasts and work, take a look at our Plant Proof section here.


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