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Support or Boycott the fast food vegan option?

Support or Boycott the fast food vegan option?

Should vegans support or boycott vegan options in fast food outlets?

This week we have been opening up the debate on whether or not to support the fast-food industries that are beginning to offer vegan options to the mainstream. Whilst the opinions have been varied, many of us here think that any mention or publicity is good publicity when it comes to introducing more people to what Vegan is.

The opposing opinion is pretty clear, why support a horrible company that put profits over animals, people, and the planet and are just cashing in on this ‘vegan trend’. This argument stands up, it makes sense, and really why should we support these conglomerates when there are incredible vegan restaurants run by passionate and dedicated ethical folks.
Whilst we agree that first and foremost we need to support these amazing businesses we think supporting a vegan option at a larger establishment is also good, and here’s why we still think it’s the right move.

  1. Publicity
    They always say there’s no such thing as bad publicity and the word vegan is not immune. The more the everyday public sees the word vegan, the more it becomes a normal and approachable topic to explore. Think about it, how weird could the whole vegan thing be if a mainstream brand is willing to advertise it? It normalizes the word and whilst it may not turn a consumer vegan on the spot, it could be the first of many positive interactions with the movement, or even better the tipping point to going vegan!
  2. Reach
    What these companies lack in morals, they do makeup in reach and eyeballs. It’s important to remember that a fast-food company doing a vegan ad will reach 1000’s more people than a small or local offering (not one single ounce of disrespect to these incredible businesses obviously) but they simply don’t have the reach of a larger brand. With reach comes an increased national conversation about vegan issues and eating and all of this is helping to tip the scales towards a kinder future.
  3. New Users
    When a fast-food chain opens up a vegan option, it opens up vegan to a whole new audience that may not otherwise see or experience a vegan meal. These companies have a whole host of potential converts to the good ol’ vegan side. Why not open it up to everyone hey?
  4. It’s not a perfect world
    Think about it, do you shop at the vegan-only establishment across the board? If you think about it, you shop at supermarkets all the time and if think about what they sell in a store: meat, fish, dairy and plenty of nonvegan items. If we only supported 100% establishments we would never be able to visit a restaurant with friends or go to the local supermarket. The point is, yes these fast-food chains aren’t morally sound across the board, but at the end of the day, the product you would be getting is vegan and also a data point for that company as well, which is a very crucial part of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that vegan demand drives new products, menus, and decisions, which brings us to the final point.
  5. Demand drives Decisions
    Every vegan purchase is a vote, and we can all vote with our dollars. Business is really only sustainable and viable due to demand and customers. If we support the vegan options in these establishments, we increase demand, and they produce more. The more money they make from these options the more they are likely to produce and who knows, maybe they will start to make less from meat and more from plants.


Conclusion This is not something we are all likely to agree on but at the end of the day how great is it to be talking about global chains offering vegan options! The movement is growing and it’s certainly not slowing down. So what do you think, should we Support or Boycott a fast-food vegan option? Be sure to leave a comment or let us know via email or social media.

Happy Vegan Eating.


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