Tesco’s ‘Game Changing’ new ad

UK Supermarket giant Tesco has just released an advertisement that we think sums up the current feeling and climate of the vegan/plant-based movement.

A father, Carl comes home to find out his daughter is no longer interested in eating animals ( I guess the UK school system is doing a good job). When Carl grapples with this newfound knowledge he expresses to the audience that his daughter is more important than his beloved meat. This is when the lightbulb moment strikes, he can cook his signature dish but use the new and innovative plant-based version of the meat in the dish. A successful dish and family harmony are achieved and now the thought of using only ‘real’ meat is a forgotten distant memory. A new world order anyone?

Wed love to hear your thoughts in the ad below. You can even check out Carl’s signature recipe at the link HERE.



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