The best vegan bacon in Australia – Community Voted

The best vegan bacon in Australia – Community Voted

The best vegan bacon in Australia

Finding good vegan bacon or facon as it’s often referred to has been a challenge for vegans since the dawn of time. Whilst you once had to chew through tasteless cardboard in order to try and replicate the taste, you can now find a wide selection of alternatives that taste, sizzle, and impress just like the animal alternative.

Getting this category right really matters, as we (the vegan movement) look to replace animal products with ethical alternatives in order to encourage as many people as we can to eat more plant-based foods.

So when we put the vote out to our community, here are the brands that they said they loved. Starting with the crowd favourite New Zealand brand Sunfed Meats!


Sunfed Meats

What they say: Made from a minimal number of clean natural ingredients and 100% non-allergenic (gluten free, soy free, gmo free), Sunfed® products are extremely nutrient dense with a very strong macro and micro nutrient profile for high performance nutrition.

Boasting premium yellow pea proteinSunfed meats are raw meat cuts that cook, feel and taste just like animal meat but are healthier, both for you and the planet.



What they say: This Plant-Based Bacon looks, cooks, sizzles, and tastes exactly like fresh Bacon! Crisp, smoky and flavorful, these delicious strips cook up to a tasty perfection, and a 100% guilt-free pleasure.


Made With Plants

What they say: Craving some crispy, streaky bacon that tastes just like the original? Give our mouth-watering 100% plant-based Bacon a try! American-style and sure to satisfy.

Veef Bacon Bits

What they say: As if by magic, in a hot frying pan, vEEF® “Bacon” Bits transform wholesome, plant-based ingredients into crispy, bacon-flavoured pops that bring a powerful punch to your plate

Proper Foods

What they say:  With a succulent and distinct smoky flavour, Proper Foods delivers a delicious and crispy bacon experience without the pork. Made using plants and no GMOs, it is perfect for burgers and sandwiches. Chop, dice or slice to add to pizzas, salads or pasta dishes.



What they say: 100% meat free and dairy free. Our Vegan Bacon Strips are made with a special blend of smoked flavouring. Serve it with baked beans, sandwiches or use them in any baked dishes.


Suzy Spoons

What they say: People will come from far and wide when they smell the mouth-watering aroma of these smoky rashers sizzling in your kitchen. We’ve amped up the salty, slightly sweet and deeply smoky goodness of these perfectly marbled rashers. And we’ve nailed the balance of soft tender meaty centres with cracking crispy edges. You can use them to create your own breakfast of champions or pile them high on a BLT with avocado. Crisp them up for an extra explosion of flavour in your salad or pasta.


Final Thoughts

Did we mention your favourite brand of vegan bacon? If not then be sure to let us know what it is in the comments below. To see more of our best-of lists, take a look HERE.

Until next time.


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