The case for ‘bad veganism’ – A TED Talk by Andy Shovel & Pete Sharman

Here at Let’s Go Vegan our goal is to make the transition to veganism as easy, painless and inclusive as possible.

We believe that with the right tools and resources, its something that everyone can now do, given how many options are now available to us in 2018. So when we came across this TED talk by a couple of former burger heads we were interested, to say the least. At first, we weren’t quite sure about the message, but as we watched on we realized that these guys had some great points. The main point was that veganism can be very black and white and often excludes those who may ‘slip up’ every now and then. Believe it or not, we agree with them. In order to make veganism a movement that everyone can get behind, we need to change the stigma and judgments that come with it. Take a look for yourself at the video below that puts forward a whole new way of looking at veganism.

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