Theme Park in China Forces a Pig to Bungee Jump

Theme Park in China Forces a Pig to Bungee Jump.

Can you believe it? A theme park (Meixin Red Wine Town) in China has forced a pig to bungee jump as a publicity stunt for the opening of their theme park it has been revealed.

When news of this atrocious act was publicised we were completely gutted and disgusted. How could anyone inflict so much cruelty on an intelligent innocent animal? How could people stand by and watch?

How scary to think that people are capable of this and also find amusement in this. All spectators and organisers of this horrific “event” should be closely watched because if they find this entertaining, what else are they capable of?

This was not entertainment, not funny, and should be illegal.

After going through the traumatic ordeal this poor pig was then sent to slaughter, how can we be so cruel to an innocent being? It is truly saddening for us here at LGV.

We don’t usually highlight the cruel aspects of the animal industries in our work as we prefer to focus on the positive aspects of the vegan lifestyle, however, in this case, we felt compelled to speak out and stand up for this heinous act.

There is currently a petition on to have the theme park shut down and those who pushed the pig 223 feet to be made accountable to face jail time. They should be punished, in our opinion, they should be locked up for life. has over 75,000 signatures & climbing, they want to hit 150,000!
Please take 5 minutes out of your day to sign this. Every signature will help and hopefully, they will be forced to acknowledge this isn’t right and publicly address it.

China needs to look at this, listen to the world and make an effort to change its laws around animal welfare.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you in advance for signing.


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