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Vegan & Meat eater taste test Domino’s Vegan Pizza

Vegan & Meat eater taste test Domino’s Vegan Pizza

Vegan & Meat eater taste test Domino’s Vegan Pizza.

As you may know, Domino’s Pizza is launching a new range of vegan pizza’s into the Australian market.  As vegans, we are excited to see another vegan option added to a popular and highly frequented chain like Dominos.

Now we know that the vegans will give this range a crack, but what about the meat-eaters amongst us? Does the pizza range stack up and meet their high standards? Watch below to find out.


What’s on the menu?

Domino’s is making it easier for vegans to order their favourite pizzas. With the introduction of vegan cheese and a number of vegan-friendly pizzas, sauces, quality toppings and sides on our menu (including our garlic bread), you’re sure to find it easy to order a meal to satisfy your taste-buds.


The Range

The current range includes Vegan Avocado Veg, Vegan Spicy Veg Trio, Vegan Margherita & Vegan Beef & Onion. They also have vegan cheesy garlic bread and vegan traditional garlic bread to add to your pizza order!

Ready to give the vegan range from Domino’s a try? If so then Click HERE to view the new Dominos vegan selection.

Or if you would like to find out about more plant-based and vegan options hitting the world of fast food then be sure to check out our Vegan Eats page here.

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