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Vegan vs Plant Based

Vegan vs Plant Based

Vegan vs Plant Based, what’s the difference?

It’s a distinction that many people are unsure of.
So what is the difference between someone that’s
plant-based and someone that’s vegan?

The simple answer is that someone who is vegan is someone who does not use, purchase, wear or consume animal products in any form. Vegan is more of a lifestyle and philosophy than it is a diet or way of eating. For many being vegan is a stand against all forms of animal cruelty and exploitation.

A plant-based person is someone who eats ‘vegan’ all or most of the time but does not necessarily abstain from using animal products in other areas of their lives. Plant-based living has become increasingly popular over the last few years as people have begun to discover the true health benefits of the plant-based (vegan) lifestyle.

Whilst plant-based has become popular some vegans have been quick to point out that simply going plant-based isn’t enough to truly help the animals. Whilst we do agree and abdicate towards a vegan lifestyle we also realize that going plant-based is still a huge step for the everyday person and is a step that is certainly in the right direction. By making plant-based living accessible, tasty and easy we are making the path to veganism so much easier and accessible to all.

As a movement, we need to continue to celebrate all steps towards a kinder future and plant-based living is one of those steps. For those looking to take the next step from plant-based living to vegan, here are some things to look into and think about:

Clothing – reducing the use of leather, wool & silk and looking into the trade practices behind the brands you support.

Skincare – Choosing cruelty-free and vegan brands. This is becoming a far more mainstream concept now, but in the past, many brands tested on animals and used animal byproducts in their lines.

Bags / Wallets / Purses – Look for faux leather or vegan alternatives. Nowadays bags can be made from vegan leathers such as banana leather, pineapple leather, apple leather, and even recycled bottles!

Animal Entertainment – Avoiding horse & dog races, circuses & any animal fighting. For vegans, this is just as important as what you wear or eat, as animal exploitation in these industries can be significant and lifelong.

So, good luck with your journey and remember to hit us up at any time if you have a question or need assistance with the transition.


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