Vitasoy Planet Milk Campaign drops in Australia

Vitasoy Planet Milk Campaign drops in Australia

Vitasoy is stepping up their game with a fresh campaign focussed on their milk not just being plant milk, but PLANET milk.

The campaign is centered around everyday Australian’s doing their bit by drinking or using Vitasoy plant-based milk to basically help save the planet!

We think it’s a great campaign that will resonate with the country and hopefully encourage more people to question their milk and dairy choices!

The company has been producing plant-based milk for over 80 years and has recently announced a number of sustainability initiatives utilizing the line  ‘Let’s grow a better world’. The ad focuses on small everyday changes as well as the role Australian farmers play in producing Aussie plants and Aussie soy that goes into the Vitasoy product. With so many years of meat and dairy industry advertisements focused on farmers and the association to national pride, this campaign is incredibly refreshing in reminding us all that farmers produce plants too! Not just any farmers either, Australian farmers non the less.

In terms of the thought process behind the ad, Vitasoy Australia managing director David Tyack says:

“We couldn’t be prouder of this ambitious new brand platform. Our belief and passion for plant-based has always been at the core of our Vitasoy business, and we’re excited to encourage more Australians to get on board.”

Leo Burnett Australia creative director Michelle Walsh says:

“People want to do their bit for the planet, but they can often feel overwhelmed because it’s such a massive problem to tackle. This new platform makes people feel good about something small they can do, which, as we all know, can add up to something significant.”

To check out the fantastic campaign video for yourself, take a look below and be sure to let us know what you think.

What did you think of the ad?

Can we change the national converstion on what milk is, can be and should be moving into a more sustainlbe future? We think we can!

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