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Woolworths backs innovation in plant-based sector with Made With Plants

Woolworths backs innovation in plant-based sector with Made With Plants

Woolworths backs innovation in the plant-based sector with vegan cream and lasagne making a debut  

Independent vegan start-up Cale & Daughters has continued its expansion into Woolworths stores – debuting a dairy-free cream range that was developed in conjunction with the University of Queensland, amongst other new and compelling plant-based products. Cale and Daughters, now known as C&D, is one of Australia’s leading plant-based food innovators, and has introduced the following products to Woolworths stores nationally:

Made With Plants Dairy Free Thickened Cream – To be enjoyed just like traditional thickened cream. Poured, whipped, or baked in sweet or savoury recipes.


Made With Plants Dairy Free Sour Cream – To be used just like traditional sour cream. Dolloped, baked, and savoured in an endless variety of dishes.



Made With Plants Triple Cheese Vegan Lasagne – A mouth-watering microwave and oven- ready meal that boasts a rich tomato and plant-based beef ragout, loaded with veggies. Made With Plants Triple Cheese Vegan Lasagne offers generous lashings of dairy free béchamel sauce, complete with cheddar, parmesan, and full-flavoured mozzarella.


Final Thoughts

The C&D mission statement focuses on creating tasty vegan products that appeal to mainstream, everyday shoppers and offer a comparable alternative to meat and dairy. To develop the Made With Plants Dairy Free Cream range, Mr Drouin took the unprecedented step of tasting traditional dairy products as a means of comparison:

“I’ve been a committed vegan for over ten years, but my personal goal was to help develop a plant-based cream that could stand up against animal-based dairy products. To get the most convincing result, I had to bear in mind the taste, mouthfeel, and cooking attributes of traditional dairy,” Mr Drouin said.

With the range now stocked across the country, there’s never been a better time to try these amazing plant-based creations for yourself!  To see more supermarket products like these be sure to visit our supermarket page here.


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