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World Meat Free Week kicks off!

World Meat Free Week kicks off!

World Meat Free Week kicks off!

Thanks to a partnership between Australian meat alternative V2food & food delivery service Deliveroo, this week sees the launch of World Meat Free Week.

To celebrate World Meat Free Week this June, V2foods have teamed up with Deliveroo to give you the chance to order your favourite meals, from your favourite local restaurants, with a delicious v2 spin.

From Monday, June 15, dozens of Deliveroo’s top restaurant partners across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will start whipping up plant-based versions of their crowd-favourite recipes with the v2  plant-based product.

With the likes of The Italian Bowl in Sydney, Royal Stacks in Melbourne, and Hashtag Burgers in Brisbane jumping on board, going meat-free this month is all gain, no pain!

The campaign has also put together some great video examples of individuals who have transitioned into a vegan lifestyle and are absolutely thriving from it!

Here are just a few of the videos below:

World Meat Free Week gives us all the chance to reflect on how the food we eat impacts our environment. Animal agriculture is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, land degradation and biodiversity loss worldwide, and reducing the amount of meat we eat is one of the easiest ways we can start to reverse these trends.

v2foods have developed their product to look, cook and taste just like regular meat, but made from plants so that you can make the switch without having to sacrifice the flavours you love.

So if ever you have wanted to spend a week going meat-free, this is the week! Make sure you jump onto their website HERE and take a look at all of the great resources and content on just how to get started!


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