A journey of kindness.

Our journey began like so many others, not really understanding what the word “vegan” meant, but feeling a disconnect between our values and the food we ate. As lovers of both animals and this beautiful planet, we found it harder and harder to ignore the personal impact our decisions were having on the world around us. So we decided to delve down the rabbit hole of “veganism” and were shocked, amazed and inspired by what we learned.

Through self-education and baby steps we discovered, and continue to discover, so many incredible benefits to this ‘fringe’ lifestyle that we never would have imagined. Benefits not only for our health, but for the environment, its future and most importantly a better life for the animals we love so dearly. We spent countless hours exploring and reflecting on what it means to “be vegan”, and have discovered so many great activists, advocates, books, documentaries and information that we realised had eluded the public eye.

Our mission now is to share that knowledge with Australia and the world, to show you all just how easy it can be to “go vegan”. Our focus is on sharing positive, quality content sourced from the incredible plant-based advocates here in Australia and the global vegan community. We believe that by sharing their content and stories we can help drive change and show the world just how good ‘vegan’ can be.

Let’s Go Vegan! is the culmination of our personal journey and the journey of so many who have realised the benefits of living a vegan life. Consider this your one-stop-shop for up to date news, information and recipes. We hope you will join us and become a part of the vegan story here in Australia.


We want to make going vegan,
easy and enjoyable for everyone

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