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10 Quick Questions with Adam Guthrie

10 Quick Questions with Adam Guthrie

Adam Guthrie has been given a second chance at life, and he is on a mission not to waste it. After suffering a heart attack at 39, Adam embarked on a journey that led to him discovering the secret to great health and vitality, a plant-based diet! After discovering it for himself Adam is now helping others do the same through his HFPB training program.

We chatted with Adam to find out how he spends his time (in beautiful Byron Bay no less) and some of the secrets to his transformation.


1. My vegan journey began when… 

I was obese and had a heart attack at age 39 while surfing.

2. The book/documentary that everyone needs to digest is… 

The China Study because it was the book that my naturopath gave me when I got out of hospital after the heart attack. It started me on my journey to eating vegan whole food plant-based and as a result I lost 35kg, got off meds and gained enough energy to do an ironman triathlon.

3. The most underrated superfood/ingredient is…(and why) 

All plants, in the form nature hands them to us are superfoods, especially if we eat 30 different types a day, I do, it’s easy once you learn how. They heal your body, your gut and give you super health.

4. Who inspires your vegan journey? 

Everyone in my I Feel Good Plant-Based Program – It’s so inspiring to see them transform their health and life eating this way. I get to see the results every day of what happens when people eat plant-based. That really inspires me to eat this and to keep sharing the knowledge of plant-based eating with as many people as possible.

5. The ‘I Feel Good’ program, tell us a little about it…

I created the program because a lot of my friends after seeing my transformation came to me wanting to transform their lives too. The best way to help them was to put my chef background to good use and create a program/course they could follow. It’s filled with meal plans and shopping lists, delicious recipes, easy cooking classes, weekly coaching calls and daily Q&A’s with me.

It’s helped thousands of people transform their lives and achieve a healthy body weight, gaining loads of energy, and to feel good again.

6. My favourite vegan eatery(s) is…

I have a few… No Bones Byron Bay, Eden Bondi, Mother Chu’s Sydney and my local cafe the Byron General Store.

7. Top Tip for someone wanting to go ‘plant-based’ purely for health but who doesn’t know where to start?

Get someone who has transformed their health eating this way to guide and teach you. It’s much easier than trying to learn it yourself from trial and error. You will develop the habit and get results way faster.

8. You’re a Byron Bay local, talk us through the ultimate vegan day in Byron (food-wise).

Starts at 7am with Adaptogenic soy hot chocolate at the Byron General Store, then home for my banana berry nice-cream bowl and granola for breakfast, then for lunch it’s one of my I Feel Good salad bowls, snacks are fruit and for dinner I make one of my 15 minute meals – a thai curry, or mushroom bolognese or ramen bowl, or my I Feel Good pizza. Plus I drink at least 2 litres of water a day. That’s pretty much how I eat every day.

9. In 5 years I hope to be…

Still teaching and empowering even more people to eat plant-based for better health, the environment and for more love and kindness in the world.

10. You can sit down for a dinner with whoever you would like. What are you eating and with who?

My two grandsons (5yrs & 3yrs). We are eating “Power Beans” AKA Burrito Bowl, which we prepared together. The boys often join me in the kitchen. I put them on the bench and we cook up a storm together. I feel it’s important to pass on the skill of cooking and the knowledge of eating plants with them. Plus they crack me up with the stuff that comes out of their mouth. Magic moments!!!

Thank you Adam! To find out more about Adam and his fantastic work be sure to visit his Instagram, Facebook or Website for more 🙂

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