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10 Quick Questions with fitness expert Sam Vas

10 Quick Questions with fitness expert Sam Vas

Fitness expert Sam Vas.

As a vegetarian from birth Sam Vas has never had a problem with protein,
despite the common myth that you can only get it in the form of animal meat (talk about destroying the myth!). Inspired by his father’s bodybuilding, Sam has pursued fitness and health through his vegetarian and now vegan lense and is proving the power of plants. What he has learnt and now shows others, is that you can thrive in so many ways on a diet and lifestyle devoid of animal product.


We recently asked Sam, ten quick questions about his journey so far.  We hope you will find the answers helpful and informative. We sure did.


1. The thing that made me go vegan was…
I’ve never eaten meat because I was raised a vegetarian.
My Hindu upbringing means we strongly believe in “karma” and ” do no harm”. When I started lifting weights, legumes and dairy were my main source of protein. I began to develop indigestion and acne as a result of the dairy I was consuming. I then started looking for other alternatives and found some great vegan protein sources.

At first, going vegan was about health but then I watched documentaries and videos on social media about animal farming and the dairy industry which shocked me.

Three years ago I decided to go vegan after 27 years of being a vegetarian and I’ve never looked back.


2. The vegan documentary/book everyone needs to see or is…
What The Health (Netflix)
Dominion (youtube)
The Game Changers (Netflix)


3. The most underrated vegan ingredient is…
100gm Tempeh has 19gm Protein and 9gm Carbs.

4. What is your favourite PranaOn product and why?
Dark Chocolate Power Plant.
It tastes delicious, smooth and combines three plant-based proteins enhanced with branched-chain amino acids, probiotics, digestive enzymes and medium-chain triglycerides.

5. If you could only give 1 healthy weight loss tip it would be…
Drink Plenty of water.
It gives you a feeling of fullness and flushes toxins from your body.

6. Favourite vegan cheat meal?
Pasta and vegan Jam Donuts (OMG!!!)

7. My favourite vegan eatery is…
Power Plant Cafe in Templestowe
Veggie Bar in Brunswick

8. The person that inspires my health journey the most is…
My dad.
He was a bodybuilder in the ’90s and growing up he was like a He-man for my brother and I. I still follow his workout routines and weight lifting techniques.

9. The most popular recipe in your E-Book is…
Thai Curry and Eggplant Curry

10. The biggest vegan myth in the fitness industry is…
Not getting enough protein and soy gives you man boobs.

Protein:  I get my protein from Lentils, Chickpeas, Soybeans, Tofu, Tempeh, Seeds, Nuts etc. You just have to eat a well-balanced diet.

Soy:  Beer and chips give you a man boobs, not soy. My advice is to only choose non-GMO soy products to get the best health benefit.

Keen to hear more from Sam?

You can follow his journey at the links below.



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