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10 Quick Questions with Natalie The Perth Vegan

10 Quick Questions with Natalie The Perth Vegan

In this 10 quick question feature, we chat with Natalie from @theperthvegan. We picked her brain on all things Vegan in Perth and who she would eat a vegan meal with.



1. I went vegan because… I just adore animals and my conscience could no longer allow me to contribute to their suffering.

2. My favourite Vegan Cafe in Perth is… Le Vietnam. Not a strictly vegan cafe but they have so many unique and creative vegan options! For example, their Vegan Philly Steak Banh Mi took them 8 weeks to develop before they released it to the public. Now that’s dedication! 


3. My favourite Lazy Vegan Meal at home is… a sushi bowl. Takes only 5 minutes to throw everything together (I always have pre-cooked rice in my fridge ready for easy meals!). So quick and easy, and SO healthy!

4. If I have a vegan sugar craving in Perth I go to… Roho Vegan Icecream in Leederville. They have amazing flavours such as Hazelnut Butter, Fig Jam and Honeycomb (yes that’s all three flavours in one icecream!)


5 The best independent grocer/health food store to get supplies in Perth is…
La Vida Vegan in Subiaco. They have a huge range of vegan foods and supplies.

6. The Vegan Book or Documentary that everyone should read or watch is…

was life-changing for me. I don’t think many people could watch this entire documentary and then continue to eat meat.


7. My Vegan idol is… Joaquin Phoenix. He is just so passionate and inspiring ❤️

8. I hope my Instagram Account will… encourage more people to become vegan by showing them all of the amazing vegan options out there!

9. My no.1 tip for new vegans is to… veganise your favourite meals with plant-based meat replacements! 

10. You get one vegan meal with 1 – 5 ppl, what are you eating and with who?

This is a tough one… but I would choose Joaquin Phoenix, Sia, Natalie Portman, Beyonce & Billie Eilish. We would all be tucking into a Beyond Burger over at Joaquin’s house!


Thanks Natalie! What a great night that dinner would be! To see more of all the vegan products and places in Perth be sure to check out Natalie on Instagram at The Perth Vegan.

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  1. The Perth Vegan
    September 11, 2020 at 1:48 pm

    Thanks for the feature guys ❤️❤️