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10 Quick Questions with Nourish Editor Rachael Morris

10 Quick Questions with Nourish Editor Rachael Morris

If you are familiar with the vegan space here in Australia you will no doubt have seen that the Nourish Awards are back again this year with a whole host of amazing products and categories.

We were thrilled to have the chance to chat with the Editor of Nourish Magazine and the Nourish Awards, Rachael Morris to discuss her vegan journey and role within the publication.

We hope you enjoy the chat and don’t forget to go out and vote in this year’s awards!

(There are some pretty amazing prizes to be won!)


My vegan/plant based journey began when… 

My vegan journey began at a time of great turmoil in my life, which turned out to be the life reset I didn’t know I needed. During that time, I questioned many of my life choices and whether they reflected my values. Veganism was an alignment between my ideals and actions that I tried on for size. That was almost 15 years ago and it’s a lifestyle I have not wavered from in all that time. I can’t, it would cost me my personal integrity. You can’t unknow what you learn when you start looking into the animal industries. Whether you are coming at veganism from a health, environmental, or animal rights perspective, it just makes sense.

How did you get involved in Nourish & the awards?

I took on the Nourish editor role not too long after my publisher acquired the title and transitioned it into a dedicated plant-based magazine. I’m a qualified editor, but more importantly, a passionate vegan. It was the perfect fit! The Nourish Vegan Awards were a natural evolution for Nourish when we launched them back in 2020, and one we believed would be beneficial to the plant-based movement in Australia. Our audience was growing, vegan product offerings were proliferating, and interest in taking plant-based steps had never been higher. We believe brands that help people make those steps deserve to be celebrated and the best people to decide who takes out each award are the people who buy them and love them.



What is the best part of the awards?

The best part of the awards is seeing great brands and products get the recognition they have worked so hard for from the people who are buying and loving their products. The awards attract many thousands of voters each year, so they are also a way for voters to discover new brands to try and for those brands to expand their customer base. From our perspective at Nourish HQ, we simply love hearing how excited brands are about their nomination and how much it means to them – it makes the hard work of managing the awards so worthwhile!

The Vegan who inspires you the most is?

The one who makes the commitment to try veganism and then sticks with it as they find their way through the necessary lifestyle changes. Every single vegan out there is inspiring (including the ones who are making progress towards a fully vegan lifestyle). We all make a difference. If you are asking me to choose an advocate who inspires me, I could not possibly pick one. Look how many incredible change makers I get to work with, in making the magazine!

Favourite Vegan Eatery?

So many! I am an unapologetic foodie and I make an effort to try them all as the opportunity arises. Given we are in the midst of an awards campaign as we speak, it wouldn’t be fair of me to play favourites. And even if I were to name one, it would be a list of at least 10 I’d be torn between!

Favourite Vegan Brand?

I’ve got favourites in every category, you can be sure. I’m loyal to the brands that have good ethics and that produce great products, although I do try new ones as they enter the market. Once again, I’ll keep my personal favourites to myself out of respect to all the nominees in this year’s awards.

Number 1 tip for any new vegan?

Don’t give up! Veganism usually requires a lot of changes, from taking on new information and making different purchasing decisions to adjusting our ways of thinking and even interacting with other people. It can be overwhelming. But for every challenge you encounter, there will be a solution. So look for the people who can help you through those and avoid taking advice from people who would prefer to see you revert to your old lifestyle (it’s likely because veganism makes them uncomfortable about their own choices).

Where do you hope to see Nourish in 5 years?

As the number magazine in all the world of course! I’m only partly joking, but seriously, I would like to see Nourish continue to support the increasing numbers of people transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle while also offering vegans a gorgeous glossy mag in which every page is a celebration of an abundant lifestyle, no compromises required. I hope in five years, there are at least five times more plant-based folk and, as a result, five times more readers enjoying what we create.

Veganism matters because…

I believe it is the most powerful force for positive change in this world. The ethics behind veganism benefit all – human, animal, planet. And we don’t have to wait for the system to catch up with us. We can make the change right now!


Rachael thank you so much for sharing your story with us. The awards have been such a huge success and we can’t wait to watch them and the magazine go from strength the strength!

To see more of Rachael’s work visit the Nourish Website or the Nourish Awards Page.

Thanks for taking the time to read our 10 Quick Questions with Nourish Editor Rachael Morris, to see more fantastic interviews, take a look at our interview section.


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