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10 Quick Questions with Sydney Foodie Sam Beasley

10 Quick Questions with Sydney Foodie Sam Beasley

In this 10 Quick Questions with segments, we speak with Sam Beasley. Sam has an absolutely drool-worthy (and we don’t say that lightly) Instagram account where she shares the epic food she creates, as well as vegan food from around Sydney Australia.

Here are 10 quick q’s with Sam!


1.  I went vegan because… 

To be honest, I have been vegetarian most of my life, and I went vegan as I truly do care for animals and I wanted to show that vegan food can be just as or even more drool-worthy! If not better! I am trying to now incorporate a few of the family recipes I learnt from my parents as they even had their own health food business when they were younger.

2.  The vegan documentary/book everyone needs to see or read is…

I actually have never watched or ready many vegan documentaries I am sorry, I am 100% open to suggestions! I have heard that Cowspiracy (available on Netflix) is meant to be a great eye-opener for what really goes on in the world.

3.  My Favourite Vegan Eatery in Sydney is…

Has to be Wearenutie, they bake every dessert that you can think of inhouse and everything is also gluten-free. Otherwise, Shifteatery does the best vegan sandwiches you can find anywhere!

4.  My Favourite Vegan Eatery in the World is…

That is a tough one, I have only ever been to Brisbane and Sydney but I think Bodhi Restaurant, Shift Eatery and Wearenutie are my top favourites. So many places to visit though!

5.  The person that inspires my vegan journey the most is…

Has to be @thrivingonplants and @biancazapatka, they have both inspired me for years and their accounts are simply incredible. I have bought both of their books as well and use the recipes every week. Their photography is insane.

6.  The goal of my Instagram account is…

Create something so droolworthy in dessert form that is completely vegan and maybe even go viral haha. I wish!

7.  Some of my most popular recipes are…

The Magnum ice creams, biscoff ice creams, peanut butter and chocolate cups and the chocolate rocky road, these are my top for sure!

8.  You work with Goodness Me Box, why should people get one?

It gives people a great opportunity to find new products, learn about the health benefits and also support local businesses who don’t get a lot of exposure in the current market. If anyone is interested my Goodness Me Box code SAMMY10 when you sign up for your first box. I also work with Coconutbowls and I think they are another great business to support with their eco-friendly bowls and products!

9.  You also work with Macro Mike, what is your ‘go-to’ recipe with the product?

There are so many great recipes on their page from so many talented foodies, I love making mud cakes or smoothie bowls and I try to ensure I am getting enough protein in my diet. They have a great variety of flavours and the baking mixes are also great for the time-poor! My Macromike code is amb-sam if anyone needs it 🙂

10.  Finally…What is your ultimate/favourite vegan meal and who would you eat it with

Ooh, it would have to say a huge vegan dessert platter from @wearenutie, and I wish I could enjoy it with my family as I haven’t seen them at all this year.
I love to share good food with good people 💛

Thank you so much, Sam! Your recipes, food & photos are absolutely amazing and we hope everyone will jump on and follow your journey!

To follow Sam check out her Instagram Page Here.

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