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10 Quick Questions with Zero Food Founder Alex Karamouzis

10 Quick Questions with Zero Food Founder Alex Karamouzis

Father & son duo Alex & Nick had been experimenting in the gluten-free space long before the formation of Zero Food, and are now reaping the rewards of truly understanding the market. They have now created their products with love and a deeper knowledge of what the consumer wants and needs.

Having landed the range in Coles supermarkets around the country, Zero Food is well on its way to becoming a household name in the GF space.

We chatted with co-founder Alex to see where this all started, and what the future holds for this fantastic Australian brand.


Tell us a little about the founding of the Zero Food brand

Father and co-founder Nick, made the early iteration of the black rice pizza crust for his son and co-founder, Alex when they discovered he was gluten intolerant. Since then we have gone on to make it healthier and better-tasting. Releasing to the public in 2018.

Why is giving back important to Zero Food & who benefits?

It’s the most important thing. You cant take your money with you when you go, but your impact on the earth lasts forever. We like to think everyone benefits, from the consumer all the way back to the farmers in Java, Indonesia.

You are low fodmap, what does this mean and why is it important?

FODMAP is an acronym for allergies that are quite restrictive. By virtue of simply containing rice and not much else, we get to appeal to this audience. It’s important as we are becoming more aware of gut health and the importance of not inflaming the digestive tract. Gut-friendly foods are quite important.

You are stocked in Coles, which is massive, was this a tough process?

Absolutely. We went through all the trials and tribulations that come with such a big win. To do it together as father and son made it even more special when the moment came.

Who would you love to try your product and why? 

Anthony Bourdain. He had a particular distaste for Veganism but we think he would appreciate the art behind our product and the love that went into it. Maybe enough to change his mind!

What future products can we expect to see?

We are working on a range of Pancakes that follow the Zero ethos and also a Protein Ball range. They aren’t too far away.

Where do you hope to see Zero Food in 3-5 years?

We would love to be a household name with many healthy indulgence products in the market.

The products are vegan friendly, what other vegan brands do you take inspiration from?

Ceres Organics are not exclusively vegan but they are great.

Favouite vegan / gluten-free place to eat

Red Sparrow Pizza in Collingwood!

Favourite vegan/gluten-free product (outside of the Zero Food range that is)

We both love Tempe and Tofu. Asian food for the win!

Final Thoughts

Alex, thank you so much for the chat and all the success that you have had with this wonderful family business. For anyone keen to try the range be sure to look out for them at your local Coles or visit the team at their website HERE.

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