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10 ways to stay HEALTHY as a VEGAN! 🌱 From the BOSH Boys

10 ways to stay HEALTHY as a VEGAN! 🌱 From the BOSH Boys.

If you have been into the vegan aisle (may not exist, but it should) of your local bookshop lately, you have no doubt come across the boys from BOSH. The lads have a number of incredible cookbooks under their belts and they even have a dedicated channel online for all of their amazing recipes that you should definately go and checkout.

But this month, they looked into 10 ways to stay healthy on a vegan diet and we thought we would share those here with you.

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A little more about BOSH!

BOSH! is the world’s most-viewed and most-loved plant-based and vegan recipe channel. Simple recipes. Amazing results. All plants. The lovechild of social media sensations and best-selling authors Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, BOSH! was founded on the heartfelt certainty that a plant-based lifestyle is not only delicious, it’s freakin’ easy. We’ve poured everything we’ve got into our range of mind-blowingly tasty recipes that are not only supremely healthy and great for your bod, they’re also extra kind to the planet. BOSH!



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