5 amazing dairy-free supermarket found ice-creams!

When hitting the freezer aisle as a vegan or lactose intolerant individual, you are now pretty spoilt for choice! Years ago you may have had to scour health food stores or boutique grocers for vegan ice cream, now your everyday supermarket has a wide range to choose from.

The freezers can be found jam-packed with an assortment of dairy-free options and we wanted to take a look at our top 5 picks for you.

  1. So Good – Vanilla or Chocolate Bliss. A creamy and delicious alternative to your traditional vanilla or chocolate ice cream, this one is usually priced between $5-7 dollars and is readily available at Coles & Woolworth’s.
  2. Ben & Jerry’s DF range. For many, its impossible to go past the B&J’s range of dairy-free ice creams! Our personal favourite is the P.B (peanut butter) & cookies, but let’s be honest, they are all amazing! Whilst a little pricier than it’s counterparts, B&J’s make up for this with chunky flavours and a quality product. Also, look out for them on sale for $8-9 from time to time.
  3. Pana Organic – Double Choc or Salted Caramel. You may have already come across Pana through their range of delicious vegan chocolates. Now they have produced a line of ice creams that are a real contender in the gourmet ice cream category. We love the double choc, but they also have a vanilla bean, mint choc chip, and salted caramel.
  4. Magnum – Almond or Classic.Yes, you heard right! Magnums now have a range of dairy-free ice creams available not only at supermarkets but also at your 24-hour convenience stores too. Available in almond and classic, these magnums whilst a touch smaller in size, are just as good as the originals! Go grab them today!
  5. Cornetto – 4 Pack. Another classic dairy variety made good with a new vegan option is Cornetto! We have tried them and they are right on the money. Again, slightly smaller than their traditional counterpart, but flavour and taste wise, you will not taste the difference. Great to keep in the freezer for a cheeky dessert.

These are our five choices, but there are many more incredible icecreams on the market. If you think that we have missed one, please comment below and we will be sure to include it in our next review.


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