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5 Easy Christmas Day Swaps

5 Easy Christmas Day Swaps

It’s less than a week until Christmas day and whilst the excitement and joy are certainly present, so too is the impending dread of what will be on offer in the way of food on the day. Whether you yourself are vegan and taking something to show off to the family or perhaps you are the cook for the day with a vegan relative and have no idea where to start, you likely need a few quick and easy wins to get the day off to a flying start!

We are here to help, with 5 easy christmas day swaps that take no more than a quick trip down a different aisle of the local Coles or Woolworths supermarket. Here are the easy swaps we think everyone needs to be doing this Christmas.

1. Plant-Based Christmas Roast from COLES


Price: $12.00 AUD

Serves: 5

Described as lightly seasoned with mixed herbs and onion, served with a sweet chutney with hints of apple, tomato, and rosemary. We think this one is going to be flying off the shelves this year as more and more people cook for and themselves eat vegan and plant-based. At $12 it’s also very reasonably priced for value. The serving size as suggested on the pack is for 5 people.


2. Plant-Based Christmas Roast from Woolworths


Price: $15.00 AUD

Serves: 4

Another plant-based roast this time from Woolworths. Whilst this one is a little more expensive than the Coles version it is still good value for money when comparing the time and money cost of an animal-based roast.

Describes as a convenient plant-based Christmas centerpiece that’s ready to delight. Best served with a side of roasted potatoes or pan-fried brussel sprouts with a drizzle of vegan gravy on top.

3. Celebrate Vegan Gravy



Price: $4.00 AUD

Serves: 4

Description: Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard. We make real food that’s better for you – always gluten-free and always no added sugar.

A vegan & gluten-free gravy that will go over a treat on Christmas Day, look no further than the Celebrate Vegan Gravy. We all know that gravy is a must on Christmas day, and with this product, you will not be missing out any of the good stuff. Just be sure to add a little red wine for sweetness and that extra tang 😉


4. Chocolate Rum Balls (8 Pack)


Price: $4.00 AUD

Serves: 8

These delicious chocolate rum balls are a great addition to any entertaining platter or even enjoyed as an afternoon snack with coffee Merry Christmas. Both gluten-free and vegan these will be a treat with absolutely everyone this Christmas season!


5. Nakula Plant Based Custard 500g


Price: $6.00 AUD

Serves: 5

Available at Woolworth’s and flying off the shelves is the 2 x flavours of vegan custard from Nakula. Whether you are a vanilla fan or a brandy fan, get in quick because this popular number is sure to go!

Final Thoughts


Now these were just 5 easy swaps that you can make this Christmas in order to have a kinder and vegan friendly day. We know there are so many more incredible products and we will be showcasing more of them throughout the week both here and on our Instagram Account so be sure to keep an eye out and enjoy the holiday lead up week!

Until next time, checkout even more Vegan Supermarket Finds Here.



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