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5 Epic Seitan Recipes You Can Make At Home

5 Epic Seitan Recipes You Can Make At Home

5 Epic Seitan Recipes You Can Make At Home.

Ever wondered how they make that mock meat taste so incredibly delicious? How they emulate that real meaty flavour and get you to say ‘I can’t believe its not chicken? Well, we are lifting the curtain on their secret weapon. It’s called Seitan and you can make it too!

Here are 5 Seitan Recipes you can cook at home.

1. Jess is a recipe developer and has created this chicken-style seitan.  Jess claims the flavours in this recipe reminds her of a roasted chicken (without the chicken). This will make 3 large loaves.


We think the idea of a cruelty-free chicken recipe sounds pretty darn good!


2.  Bethany’s easy to make Seitan recipe!


3. Clare’s recipe is for 8 big servings of seitan. Check out her video in this post, on how she prepares her seitan once it’s been cooked.


4.  Inspired by @isachandra ‘s recipe. Use this beautiful recipe to replace chicken in your next dish.

5.  Annie is a personal trainer on a plant-based diet.  When Annie prepares her Seitan she likes to marinate it first and fry or bake it in the oven.


So who’s ready to cook some seitan?

We hope these recipes come in handy the next time you want to cook a killer vegan meal. If you are hosting a dinner party,  these are some great options to impress your guests!

For more vegan recipes and ideas, be sure to visit our recipe page here for even more inspiration.

If you want to submit a seitan recipe? Submit your own recipe here.

Happy Cooking.


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