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5 epic vegan cakes for you to make

5 epic vegan cakes for you to make

5 epic vegan cakes for you to make.

Who doesn’t love getting into the kitchen and baking up a fresh beautiful cake for friends and family? Well even if you don’t love baking cakes, you most likely at least enjoy eating them! So when we saw that the BOSH Boys were back with a video labelled ‘5 delicious vegan cakes’ our eyes lit up and we knew we had a video we needed to share.

So below you will see the latest BOSH video and some incredible recipes for epic cakes!

The boys from BOSH! are back with more amazing isolation cooking ideas for us all. This week they have compelled 5 of their best vegan cakes for us all to attempt.

If you are anything like the team here, you are getting more and more involved in cooking and are ready to take on the challenge.

So here below are 5 epic cakes for you to bake & enjoy at home.

So did you enjoy the ‘5 epic vegan cakes for you to make’ video?

If you would like to share your creations with the Let’s Go Vegan community we would love to help. Send through your creations to or even Submit your own recipe HERE.


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