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5 high protein vegan meals by BOSH!

5 high protein vegan meals by BOSH!

5 high protein vegan meals by BOSH!

With the new isolation restrictions, we have all been forced inside with more time on our hands than ever before. For many (us included) this means thinking about food an awful lot more!

To keep full and healthy during this time, you also need a few high protein meals to keep you full and warm.  As usual the boys from BOSH! have a few delicious ideas for us all to cook up whilst cooped up.

Below you will find their 5 recipes packed with protein video. Let us know which meals you loved and if you have your own protein-packed vegan dish, be sure to let us know at our Submit Recipe Section Here.

Here’s what the  boys had to say about the video:

We cooked up five mouthwatering, protein-packed plant-based dishes. They were all delicious, and quick and easy to make. Try these at home! They’re all full of goodness that will make your body feel great. We’ll be cooking five more tasty recipes this week, so tune in and cook along! We’ll be live at 6pm UK time on Facebook and YouTube every weekday.

Happy Cooking!


If you enjoyed these 5 high protein vegan meals, be sure to check out our recipe section Here.



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