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5 Plant Based Milk Ideas for new vegans

5 Plant Based Milk Ideas for new vegans

5 Plant Based Milk Ideas for new vegans.

When transitioning over to the vegan diet, one aspect you will need to think about is which milk to add to your coffee, cereal, and hot chocolates over the winter. Whilst only a few years back this would have been a very compromised choice, now in 2021 the choices of plant-based milk are vast and the quality is incredible. To make the transition even easier for you, we thought we would help take some of the guesswork out by looking at 5 plant-based milk varieties to try for yourself. We hope you will find one that works for you!

Take a look at the selection below:

Oat Milk

Wikipedia describes Oat milk as plant milk derived from whole oat grains by extracting the plant material with water.  Whilst we agree with the description, we thought we should add that good oat milk has the most amazing creamy taste and complements a latte or cappuccino incredibly well. Above in the image are just some of the brands available here in Australia.

Califia, Oatly, Minor Figures, Vitasoy, Alternative Milk Co, Chobani, Coles Brand + more.


Soy Milk

One of the original plant-based kinds of milk, people have been enjoying the benefits of soy milk for years. What they haven’t always had was the variety and diversity in the market that is now on offer in 2021! There are now so many great brands and varieties of soy milk to choose from that you’re absolutely spoilt for choice!

Some of the brands from the above image are:

Pure Harvest, Alt Dairy Co, Australia’s Own, MilkLab, Vitasoy, Woolworths Home Brand, Happy Happy Soy Boy, Bonsoy, So Good


Almond Milk

Almond Milk whilst not as common as our previous two varieties have increased in popularity over the last number of years to become a staple for many. We are even seeing pie shop Pie Face offering the milk alongside its soy milk offering in an increased push for the vegan / plant-based dollar. Above here you can see just a few of the popular brands that can be found here in Australia.

Pure Harvest, So Good, Australia’s Own, Almond Breeze, Nutty Bruce, Inside Out, Alternative Dairy Company, Coles Home Brand, MilkLab + more!

Rice Milk

Made from brown rice or brown rice syrup, rice milk and is typically sweeter than other plant milk. It can also be fortified with extra calcium. Not as popular these days as the other varieties but a great dairy alternative all the same!

Australia’s Own, Pure Harvest, Vitasoy & Supermarket home brands.


Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is no longer reserved for the nomads and island dwellers, it’s now a mainstream staple of the plant milk tribe! With its sweet taste and smooth texture, what’s not to love about this wonderful plant-based milk?!

Ayam, Nutty Bruce, MilkLab, So Good, Vitasoy & Australia’s Own


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, five plant-based milk options and their various brands for you to go out and taste for yourself! Remember that different kinds of milk will work with different drinks and foods, so be sure to taste plenty before deciding on which one will take the title as your favourite plant-based milk!

If you have a favourite be sure to let us know in the comments below and share all of your plant-based milk creations too!

Until next time, got (plant-based) milk?


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