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5 Vegan Cookbooks You Need on Your Shelf

5 Vegan Cookbooks You Need on Your Shelf

5 Vegan Cookbooks You Need on Your Shelf

With the world spending plenty of time at home and in the kitchen of late, for many cooking has become a welcome new hobby!

For many of us, this means looking for new recipes and creative ideas to keep the vegan dishes flowing.

To help you ensure that you keep creating, we thought we would highlight five vegan cookbooks to get into over the coming month.

So here are 5 epic vegan cookbooks to take your kitchen game to the next level.


The Books


Plants Only Kitchen


Gaz Oakley (aka @avantgardevegan) has amassed well over a million followers on social media with his exciting vegan dishes, which emphasise that a plant-based diet doesn’t mean missing out on taste. In Plants-Only Kitchen, Gaz’s recipes are easier than ever before – following his step-by-step instructions, tips, and advice, anyone can cook great vegan food.

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4 Ingredients Veggie & Vegan


Simple & Delicious and ALL JUST 4 or fewer INGREDIENTS! This is a cookbook for Vegetarians, Vegans and ANYONE wanting to increase their plant-based diet (even just a little) with easy, everyday ingredients.

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BOSH! Healthy Vegan


Packed full of nutrition hacks and lifestyle tips that BOSH! have learnt throughout their journey, BOSH! Healthy Vegan shows you how the power of plants can transform your wellbeing, for good.

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Vegan Fakeaway


Divided into chapters on American, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern classics you’ll find recipes that take just fifteen minutes to cook, slow-cooker recipes that do the hard work for you, and menus that will feed up to four people. From All-in-one biryani or Sesame spring rolls to Sicilian-style pizza, Falafel flatbreads and Chilli burritos, there’s something for every Friday night feast.

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Eat More Vegan


Luke Hines is well known for his creative and healthy paleo takes on everyday favourites. This new book is filled with delicious recipes – all completely plant-based and gluten and grain-free. Regardless of your food philosophy, we can all agree that we need to eat more plants and in Eat More Vegan Luke shares nutritious recipes that are packed with flavour and full of vibrant colour. This book is a celebration of amazing, generous and abundant vegan food – real food, there’s not a packet ingredient in sight!

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Bonus Book Idea


The book about the power of sprouts as an ultra-food for health, weight loss, and optimum nutrition by the co-founder of Organic Avenue and the founder of Juicero Doug Evans.

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Final Thought


Now, these are the 5 Vegan Cooking Books that we think are great additions to the bookshelf but as always we would love to hear from you.

What are your favourite vegan / plant-based cookbooks? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.



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