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5 vegan-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for 2021

5 vegan-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for 2021

5 vegan-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas for 2021

Vegans are known for showing love and compassion to all of the world’s animal friends and the planet, but what about our fellow human companions? This Valentine’s day we want to make sure that everyone is shown the love and appreciation they deserve and that means gifts! Forget the flowers and generic cards, instead, let’s make it about all the vegan treats!

Here are 5 easy to pick up VEGAN-friendly Valentine’s day ideas.

1. Ice Cream


Yes, a simple tub of vegan ice cream can say so much to your partner and valentine, and like all good gifts is made to be shared! Here are our picks if you are on the fence:

So Delicious
vanilla bean (with Woolworths Apple Pie!)

Ben & Jerry’s. 

Let them know you cared enough to buy the top shelf stuff this valentines day!

Magnum. After years of high-end advertising and promotion, nothing says I love you, more so than a magnum!

2. Chocolate


Yes, it’s a cliche, but who really cares. No one has ever knocked back good chocolate and this year won’t be any different with this selection of vegan delights. Our picks are Pico, Sweet William & HeyTiger!



3. Spreads straight from the jar

It doesn’t get any more romantic than hand-feeding a spoon full of Pana or Biscoff spread does it? Well, maybe a little Vego too. Spice up Valentine’s Day with one of these delicious vegan spreads (We won’t judge you)!



4. Brownies, Cakes & Cookies


If you can’t make someone happy with cake and brownies then it may be time to call it quits! In all seriousness though, these are almost guaranteed to make any valentine happy this year! All of these are available at Woolworths through their Plantitude range.

5.  Wine!


For the over 18’s a bottle of good vegan wine is another sure-fire Valentine’s Day winner. In 2021 there are so many great vegan wines hitting the market, here are a few that we have found: Debortoli, Minimum & Small Things


Final Thoughts

So we hope that you found this quick little guide helpful in preparing you for the day of love this coming Sunday! How good will it feel to spoil your better half whilst also supporting a vegan brand or product in the process?! We think Valentine’s Day should extend to all including the animals and this year it can!

Happy vegan-friendly Valentine’s Day everyone!


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